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Educational Resources - Resources for educators, students and the parents of students, traditional or nontraditional, public or private, ho

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Educational Resources

Manager: genessa
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Resources for educators, students and the parents of students, traditional or nontraditional, public or private, home or away, any grade, any level, any age, any focus, special needs or plain vanilla, technical or scholastic, formal or informal.  Find here schools and school supplies, teaching materials and study materials, commercial and noncommercial sites, professional advice and the voice of trial and error.  You may even find scholarship information, or college recruitment.  You never know!  Pictured:  a 15th-Century classroom.  On the navbar:  a little red schoolhouse.


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New Sound Box (Elkonin) Task Cards--Ending Blends and Digraphs tchrgrl 04/22/2013 (1 posts)
I admit, my posts have been few and far between.  To tell you the trut   more
First Time Giveaway! tchrgrl 04/17/2013 (1 posts)
Teacher's Notebook has this cool feature that sets up giveaways for sel   more
Measuring Time tchrgrl 04/13/2013 (1 posts)
It is funny to me that we have talked about the calendar this year and stil   more
CVC Cut and Paste Picture Sorting tchrgrl 04/04/2013 (1 posts)
Spring Break can be productive and fun.  In between the fun, I have cr   more
Word Study Task Cards and Short E vs. Short I assessment tchrgrl 04/01/2013 (1 posts)
Finally! It has been a lot of collecting pictures, refining them and gettin   more
FREE SASSY DOG PEN! mom2_4boyz 05/30/2013 (1 posts)   more
Daily Deals!!! mom2_4boyz 05/24/2013 (1 posts)   more
One APPY Mamma mom2_4boyz 05/21/2013 (1 posts)
We want to officially welcome a new admin to our page!  Charly James from   more
1 APPY Mamma and Ride with The Alien giveaway! mom2_4boyz 05/21/2013 (1 posts)   more
GREAT GIVEAWAY AT SmartAppsForKids!! We&8217;re giving away a $100 iTunes gift mom2_4boyz 04/29/2013 (1 posts)   more
Autism Awareness Giveaways! mom2_4boyz 04/11/2013 (1 posts)   more
“Jotto” – Learn to draw & “Jotto” – ABC mom2_4boyz 04/07/2013 (1 posts)   more
Chat Bag Review and Giveaway mom2_4boyz 04/07/2013 (1 posts)
CHAT Bag Review by: Dina M. Kyle CHAT Bag Today you must be fashionable and   more
Build-A-Bear Video Review and Giveaway mom2_4boyz 04/06/2013 (2 posts)
  Build-A-Bear Workshop® Offers a Unique Piece to Support Autism Spea   more
Sensory Crafts for Autism mom2_4boyz 04/06/2013 (1 posts)
Get the Maukie – the virtual cat widget and many other great free wid   more
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