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The Teachers' Webring is comprised of over 200 top educational websites created by teachers and by suppliers of teacher materials. Our members range from kindergarten through college level educators. Many of our member sites are maintained as classroom websites which describe the interesting things the students are doing and what they have accomplished. The Teachers' Webring is a super resource for creative ideas that can be used by other teachers and /

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Tips for Getting Students Started with Writing by Using Sentence Frames: Free Activiti - 10/01/2013

Last winter I wrote a post about helping students write sentences using sentence frames. Now that is is fall and the beginning of a new school year, it is a time when students are getting back to writing, and for some learning to write. For so many students, especially your ESL and struggling students writing is a very difficult skill as they have a limited vocabulary and understanding of sentence writing. In order for students to write they need to have words and ideas to write about. What better time of year is there than fall to get students writing. Here are a few tips to think about when you plan your writing instruction to help students become successful writers. For those of you who have implemented the CCSS you may already be using these tips when students write about topics in science and social studies. Students need to write about a topic that they are learning about. They need to have many vocabulary words in their word bank. They need to talk about the topic during Read Alouds. They need to read books at their reading level about the topic. Writing should begin as a Teacher-Directed activity with lots of guided practice to help students become more independent writers. I like to start with building background by using a word wall and pictures in Whole Class Activities. Fall is a wonderful theme for this time of year to get students writing. I'm using pictures from my new " Fall Edition of Making Sentences with Sentence Frames " to demonstrate how I would begin t...

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